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3 Minute Catechism - 3MC


The 3 Minute Catechism - short 3MC - consists of 72 hand drawn and animated episodes each 3-4 minutes long, that follow the Christian Creed and explain the basics of the Catholic Faith. Originally released on 2 affordable DVDs we are now making them available for free. You can stream all the videos. You can post them on your favorite social platform to just share or to discuss them. You will find useful pointers for further reading under the video and you can ask your own questions in the app, that a staff of volunteers will answer in batches, when we get around to it. So in time we hope it will become an ever more useful catechetical resource.
3MC is for everyone. All age groups benefit from the clear and short presentations. Some episodes of course are philosophically more engaging and difficult than others. The more difficult ones are marked with three ***
3MC can also be used in schools, in the preparation for the sacrament of confirmation, in prayer groups, the new evangelisation, pastoral work (preparation for baptism, wedding etc.)
In this app we spare you annoying advertising and just include a static banner to give a 'shout out' to the people who made this project possible.
Requirements: Internet access and the YouTube app installed.